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Marc osborne

Something like an Illustrator based in Savannah GA

Marc Osborne is an illustrator who specializes in label art and design, particularly labels for craft beer and coffees. working in these fast-paced consumer industries has grown his portfolio to include digital illustration, pen and ink, and gouache applications. While most beer has a shelf life, this has kept the pace of illustration to a quick hum, refining his skills to work efficiently and quickly on the next project. While gathering labels for his growing collection, Marc also enjoys observing the quirky people of his hometown, Savannah Georgia, and getting invested in the culture there. Drawing wildlife, people, and his friends' imaginative stories keeps his illustration full of unique ideas. Label Design, Beer Illustration, Food and Beverage advertising, and Animal Illustration are just some of the amazing work that can be provided.



Selected Clients

Latest Exhibitions

River Dog Brewing Company

Scofflaw Brewing

New Realm Brewing Company

Red Brick Brewing

Two Tides Brewing

Revolution Yoga

Perpetual Groove

Nine Line Apparel


Velvet Caravan

Lone Wolf Lounge

Square Carousel

Dick Wolf Productions

Green New Deal

Beautiful Decay

Butcher Tattoo Gallery

Savannah Georgia

Everything Is Going to Be Okay

Butcher Tattoo Gallery

Savannah Georgia

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